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Galaxy Alpha is the best looking Galaxy smartphoneGalaxy Alpha is the best looking Galaxy smartphone
/ 39,990
Last Updated:
08 January, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Price: Rs 39,990
Specs: 4.7inch display; 12MP camera; 1860 mAh battery
Breaking free from the trademark Samsung design, which makes all Galaxy smartphones look alike, the Galaxy Alpha does have a premium look and feel.
The design isn't revolutionary as it seems to be a combination of the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy SII . There is a metallic rim with a plastic back.
It is thin and weights only 115 grams. It definitely is the best looking Galaxy smartphone till date.
The looks might have changed but the innards remain the same.
The Alpha runs on 1.3GHz quad-core + 1.8GHz quad-core processor and is paired with 2 GB of RA M.
This isn't bad but almost all the other high-end smartphones run on the latest Qualcomm chipsets. This includes the new Moto X, which is priced lower than the Alpha.
While this doesn't affect the basic functionality, it does make a difference while handing heavy graphic apps and games. There is the Air View mode too that preview information by hovering finger over the screen instead of tapping.
It has got 2GB of RA M and 32 GB onboard storage. The 12 MP camera onboard does a good job.
There are a plenty of settings to play around with and the images turns captured are full of details.
While we don't have a dedicated camera key, the camera app can be accessed from the lock screen itself. There are various modes onboard including HDR, Dual, beauty face and Panorama.
Lastly, on a single charge, the 1860mAh battery gave me slightly over a day.

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