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Mechanical Watch Has A Magic Button That Sets It By GPSMechanical Watch Has A Magic Button That Sets It By GPS
/ $9,150, $11,200 and $41,150 approx
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27 June, 2014
If there’s a single problem with mechanical watches its that they’re often considered inaccurate. A collection of gears and springs, no matter how carefully put together, will always lose a little time here or there. There’s a solution, quartz, but these tickers are accurate but boring. But why not put the chocolate in the peanut butter, as it were, and connect the two. VCXO has done just that.
The VCXO Ox One is a bold new concept from a young Geneva-based brand which offers a rather unique bond between GPS technology and mechanical movements. While the accuracy of GPS-set quartz watches is universally acknowledged, most watch enthusiasts will agree mechanical watches tend to have more soul, thanks to their “beating heart,” when the same can scarcely be said about electronic watches. With the Ox One, VCXO tries to achieve the best of both worlds by offering a watch with an automatic mechanical movement equipped with a GPS module on top, allowing for the synchronization of the time with data received through GPS technology. That sounds like some proper space-age technology. 
A built-in battery is charged by the weights inside the movement that also power the automatic movement. It does not have a winding crown and instead depends on the magic button to set the watch. If there is no GPS connectivity the watch simply sets itself to an internal clock.
The creator of the watch, Adrian Pedrozo, is keeping mum about how the whole system works but the mechanical part of the watch is a TT-738 from Swiss Technotime SA, a movement supplier.
The VCXO Ox One will be available in non-limited editions executed in stainless steel and black ceramic, as well as a numbered run of 25 pieces in pink gold with pre-order prices coming in at $9,150, $11,200 and $41,150 respectively.

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