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Sharp shows off 8K display at CES 2015Sharp shows off 8K display at CES 2015
Sharp Corporation
Last Updated:
12 January, 2015
Sharp seems like the only television company looking beyond 4K, unveiling another 8K display at CES 2015.
There are several ‘Beyond 4K’ TVs, which Sharp is showing off at CES 2015. Sharp showed one that could run at 4K or higher than 4K, changing from42-million (standard 4K) to 66-million pixels, using a new Quattron tech split pixels, creating a 3-subpixel standard.
Sharp is also showing off a standard 8K LCD TV, featuring an insane 85-inch 7,680 x 4,320 resolution display, 120Hz refresh rate and 12-bit colour. It will be available in Japan starting in 2016, and the rest of the world will have to wait another year for the 8K TV to be a reality.
The 8K TV has been worked on for a full year and Sharp is looking to make sure color saturation is perfect. The panel is likely to be used by other television providers, and Sharp may push for partnerships in 2016.
Sharp also showed a new line of 4K TVs for 2015 at a much cheaper price than CES 2014, going from 43 to 80-inches. Sharp has also shown some curved TVs, keeping with the big trend at CES 2015 alongside LG and Samsung.
All of Sharp’s smart TVs will use the Android TV interface, switching from Google TV. There are several TV operating systems available now, including Firefox, Tizen and Web OS.

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