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17 May, 2014
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Alex Gordon is the game exactly for those madly in love with adventures and treasures. Why? Simply because Alex Gordon - the main character - is a treasure hunter. This time he is travelling together with his sister willing to find something on a small deserted island. They'd better haven't done this! As soon as the brother and sister dig out the precious jewelry mysterious things start. Like a bolt from the blue the guardians of the treasure appear taking Alex Gordon's sister away. And he can't even move a whisker (yes, Alex Gordon is a cat)! Now you are the one to help the main character find his beloved relative. You have to explore numerous locations around the island searching for hidden places. While occupied with the task don't forget to collect endless coins, crystals and hearts as well as jump on the guards not to lose your life. While progressing in the game you'll acquire more and more skills and try to use and adopt the landscape to your needs. For example, there are numerous ropes to climb up and down or the horizontal ones which make it easy to fall down on the head of your enemies. It's impossible not to mention the sound effects and the music surrounding you while playing. Birds signing, creatures' voices, thread sounds - all this brighten up the game process and enrich the atmosphere. By the way, some words about the creatures that are eager to help you. Funny penguins teach you new skills and provide with some information about the plot while sexy squirrels save the game on the exact stage. You can't but download the Alex Gordon game for free right now and help the cat find his sister

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