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09 December, 2013
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Avatar: The Game patch enhances gameplay by adding new features to Avatar: the Game for PC.

If you're a huge fan of fantasy games for PCs, you've probably already downloaded the demo for James' Cameron's Avatar: The Game. The graphics are great, and there are even RPG elements incorporated, making it a truly intense gaming experience.

Avatar: The Game patch has additional features to make your gaming experience even better. The patch has added better support for multi-monitor view mode, for example. It's also enhanced the game's color scheme and fixed flickering issues. There are also bug fixes, so users shouldn't have difficulty logging in if they initially type in an incorrect password any longer. Many of the other fixes for Avatar: The Game are minor, but certainly improve the gaming experience. Many of the issues with certain crashes within the game have also been resolved with this patch.

The only little issue is that some users might find Avatar: The Game patch a bit difficult to install. Once it's done though, you can expect the changes to go into effect immediately.

Avatar: The Game is a patch for the game of the same name that fixes bugs and enhances gameplay overall.

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