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Last Updated:
24 November, 2013
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Toolbar for the SAPE exchange interface

Webmaster SAPE is a Firefox and SeaMoneky extension that sits on the toolbar and provides a collection of functions to expand the abilities of website optimizers and webmasters.
Here are some key features of "Webmaster SAPE for Firefox":

    Optimizers’ interface:
    Checking of YAP, YAL, GC directly in the exchange interface
    Ability to display actual PageRank of purchased pages and TIC of websites without waiting for recalculation
    Checking for paste together of TIC and PageRank of pages with placed links.
    Selective export of placed links into text file (ticked links are exported)
    Control of URL of purchased pages and new requests
    Export of local and global blacklists
    Export of notifications into text file
    Webmaster interface:
    Checking of indexing of website pages in Yandex
    Control of URL of pages prior to moderation of platform (marking of pages with sessions, profiles, pages of search and so on)
    Checking of actual value of PageRank of website pages
    Export of optimization links into a text file and form of fast ticking of the list of URLs on page with placed links
    Checking of indexing of pages, on which optimization links refer, in Yandex
    Ability to display value of TIC of optimizers’ sites
    Display of current dollar rate and currency calculator on funds withdrawal page
    Export of local and global blacklists
    Fast elimination of spam-requests using a set of corresponding filters on page with new requests
    Filter of requests:
    Fast allocation and marking of the following types of requests:
    with two same words in a row
    with three same words in the text
    in which two pairs of same words are present
    longer than 50 symbols
    longer than 75 symbols
    without Russian letters
    only capital letters
    starting not with letters, but with numbers (dot at the beginning and so on)
    containing dual, indissoluble blanks and tabulation symbols
    any other customer filter, set by a regular expression


    Mozilla Firefox

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