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23 November, 2013
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Apple Xcode is a comprehensive integrated development environment specially designed for developers who want to develop applications for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Apple Xcode comes with a user-friendly interface that offers quick and easy access to iOS simulator, Instruments analysis tools and the latest software development kits for OS X and iOS.

The unified user interface has been designed to integrate UI design with interface builder, code editing, debugging and testing. As a result, you will be able to write the code for your app, design its interface, test it and debug it, all from within a single window.

In addition, thanks to the embedded Apple LLVM compiler, you can identify and fix code mistakes as you type. Moreover, the LLVM compiler provides useful code completions along with relevant documentation.

The creations process is smoother thanks to the Assistant Editor which gives you access to files important to you based on the code your writing or editing.

By using the instruments included in the toolset, you will be able to locate performance bottlenecks in your iOS or OS X apps. At the same time, the XCTest framework helps developers write tests that can be run on iPhone, iPad, iOS Simulator and on the Mac.

Another important feature of Apple Xcode is the iOS Simulator. Running your app on the iOS simulator helps you check the response and the reaction time of your interface and simulate touch gestures.

Furthermore, Apple Xcode comes with support for the following programming languages: AppleScript, C, C+++, Objective-C, Java, Objective C++, Ruby and Python.

In conclusion, Apple Xcode manages to provide everything you need to create great apps whether you are a beginner or a seasoned developer.
Apple Xcode description
Here are some key features of "Apple Xcode":

    Built-in interface builder
    iOS simulator
    Integrated build system
    Instrument library
    Graphical debugger
    Built-in assistant editor
    Data recorder
    Source editor
    Visual comparison
    Zombie detection
    Static analysis
    Source viewer
    Low-overhead sampling
    Customizable instruments
    Built-in version editor
    System trace

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