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Last Updated:
22 November, 2013
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An user-oriented and easy-to-use Java and HTML IDE that provides basic text editing tools, text-to-speech features and a practical compiler

Asterix IDE is a handy and smooth-running application specially designed for web and Java developers.

Asterix IDE comes with an user-friendly interface that offers an intuitive IDE from which you can easily and effortlessly write, compile and run your source code.

In addition, Asterix IDE features support for the HTML and Java languages for which it also provides exhaustive editing tools.

By using Asterix IDE, you will be able to use the built-in JavaDoc generation tools along with the text-to-speech capabilities.

The Asterix IDE utility is a cross-platform software that can be used on any platform that features Java compatibility (e.g. Mac OS X, Linux, Windows).
Here are some key features of "Asterix IDE":

    Intuitive interface
    Built-in compiler
    Support for HTML and Java language
    Text-to-speech features

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