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22 November, 2013
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An open source, standards-compliant, fast, light and free personal publishing platform

Bitnami WordPress is an open source, standards-compliant, fast, light and free personal publishing platform.

The project was started in 2003 as a personal publishing platform, with a set of features designed to make the internet publishing experience easy.

WordPress blogs now reach a combined 300 million pageviews and 70 million global visitors each month.

BitNami Wordpress Stack ships with the following software versions:
· Wordpress
· Apache
· phpMyAdmin
Here are some key features of "BitNami WordPress Stack":

    Easy to Install:
    BitNami Stacks are built with one goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible to install open source software. Our installers completely automate the process of installing and configuring all of the software included in each Stack, so you can have everything up and running in just a few clicks.
    BitNami Stacks are completely self-contained, and therefore do not interfere with any software already installed on your system. For example, you can upgrade your system's MySQL or Apache without fear of 'breaking' your BitNami Stack.
    By the time you click the 'finish' button on the installer, the whole stack will be integrated, configured and ready to go.
    BitNami Stacks can be installed in any directory. This allows you to have multiple instances of the same stack, without them interfering with each other.

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