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Last Updated:
25 November, 2013
MAC / Business

Free and very simple to use OS X application designed to make it extremely easy for you to detect any rootkits running on your Mac

Rootkits are evil-intentioned software designed to run on their own or as components of other malware and are designed to hide themselves from users and security products in order to be perform a variety of malicious actions on an infected system.

Because detecting such malware on OS X computers requires advanced knowledge of kernel analysis, ESET is providing a straightforward utility that will make this task trivial.

The ESET Rootkit Detector app can be used to make sure that your Mac is free of rootkits and it works by detecting small alterations within the kernel memory.

Using ESET Rootkit Detector on a Mac is as simple as double clicking it and hitting the "Scan" button. Once the kernel memory has been analyzed, a report will be displayed and the user can also choose to send the results to the ESET labs for further analysis.

NOTE: Because ESET Rootkit Detector is still in Beta stage, users should be careful or avoid using it on production machines.


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