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26 November, 2013
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Fish vs Crabs is a an immersive and and engaging 3D tower defense game in which you play the role of a fish that has to defend the precious eggs from invading crabs, lobsters and shrimps.

The incoming waves of invaders are coming on a predefined route on the bottom of the sandy ocean. To successfully protect your eggs you have to strategically build towers along the path and prevent the enemies from reaching your eggs and escaping with them.

All protected eggs are moved to a warm and protecting reef that you can view and navigate every time you start the game and browse its menus. Each reef is different and can be customized according to your taste by buying and placing various sponges, corals, rocks, fish, octopus and other special items that you can collect during the game.

Each level comes with a set of objectives that you have to complete in order to unlock unique achievements. The game automatically starts the second you build you first tower and, as a result, you have to carefully analyze the map and locate all building spots before placing your tower.

On top of the absorbing tower defense game, Fish vs Crabs also offers numerous mini-games that will challenge you to find a wide variety of hidden objects, which you can use to complete interesting objectives such as raising the flag on a pirate ship and more. Each unlocked achievement brings new corals, sponges and items that can cause the fish eggs to hatch.

Thanks to the social networking feature you can visit your friends reef or receive visits from your friends, compare your game progress with theirs and place messages in bottles for them to find.

Fish vs Crabs comes with intuitive point-and-click game controls, numerous levels and hidden items, six difficulty levels, three themed islands and over 24 levels. If you like tower defense games, you can try the trial version and experience the addictive gameplay offered by Fish vs Crabs.
Fish vs Crabs description
Here are some key features of "Fish vs Crabs":

    Over 100 hidden itemes
    Six challenging game modes
    Three themed islands
    24 engaging levels


    60 minutes trial.

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