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26 November, 2013
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Hoyle Illusions is an intriguing and absorbing puzzle game that takes you at the end of the 18th century in the famous New York City, where two rival magicians fight for the title of the best illusionist.

Johannes the Great an Marlin the Amazing are the two contenders that are at the center of Hoyle Illusions’ story line. Right before the big performance, Johannes’ assistant, Sophie is kidnapped in exchange for Johannes’ defeat and death onstage.

Embark on this hidden object adventure and play as Peter as well as Sophie and try to outsmart villains, find useful items and objects, cast spells, avoid obstacles, and arrive at the theater before the shows starts. You also have to collect numerous hidden carts in order to unlock a wide variety of challenging Hoyle Card mini-games.

To install Hoyle Illusions, you have to download and mount the DMG disk image file and copy the game to a location of your choice. The entire process can be completed in a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Hoyle Illusions comes with intuitive point and click game controls, immersive graphics and a handy hint system that you can use to find the next hidden item from the list. From the first room you can reach different environments filled with hidden cards, clues and useful objects that you can use to unlock the next room or uncover the next clue.

All collected items can be accessed via the Inventory sliding panel located at the bottom of the screen. You also have to use the magic wand to cast powerful spells and use all available items and objects to complete all objectives.

If you enjoy hidden object puzzles and like to uncover mysteries you can try Hoyle Illusions for 30 minutes before buying the full version.
Hoyle Illusions description
Here are some key features of "Hoyle Illusions":

    Engaging gameplay
    Over 40 absorbing environments
    Stunning cut scenes
    Numerous unlockable mini-games
    Hoyle Card bonus games


    30 minutes trial

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