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25 November, 2013
MAC / Antivirus

Delivers advanced protection against different types of Internet threats, including those specifically targeting Mac computers

Because malware no longer affects just PCs virtually every day sees an increase in the volume of Internet threats and malicious code that could compromise your Mac's security and the personal data your store on it.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac comes with real-time and advanced protection from viruses, trojans, dangerous websites, spyware, phishing attempts, and more.

This way, Kaspersky Internet Security can keep your Mac, your data and your children safe – plus it can prevent you and your Mac from passing PC malware to family, friends and colleagues on your network.

· Real-time protection against Mac, PC and Linux malware
· Protection against phishing and malicious websites
· Advanced Parental Controls to keep your children safe online
· Defeat keyloggers, screen-capture malware and identity thieves
· Familiar, Mac-style interface

Here are some key features of "Kaspersky Internet Security":
  • Combining local antivirus and cloud-based protection:
  • Using local antivirus databases and cloud-based information resources, Kaspersky Security for Mac helps to ensure your Mac always has the most up-to-date, secure and reliable protection. Hourly updates keep your antivirus databases up-to-date, while cloud protection technologies – including Kaspersky’s Urgent Detection System reference databases of dangerous applications and websites – enable rapid reaction to new threats.
  • Securing your Internet experience:
  • All files downloaded from the Internet – via any web browser – are scanned for malware. Whether you use Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the Kaspersky URL Advisor accesses cloud-based information about website reputations – in order to alert you about links to suspicious and dangerous websites. Also Kaspersky Security for Mac efficiently detects and blocks phishing websites. In addition, Kaspersky’s Virtual Keyboard helps to protect your logins, passwords and banking details from being intercepted by keyloggers or screen-capture malware.
  • Putting parents in control:
  • In addition to setting time limits on their children's use of the Internet, blocking access to inappropriate sites and preventing specific personal data from being shared, parents can view detailed reports on what their children have been doing online and also view their children’s social-networking correspondence. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac can also block specific file types from being downloaded – including music and video files, applications or archives.
  • Allowing your Mac to perform:
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is designed for efficiency – so it has much less impact on your Mac’s performance than many other security products. In order to minimize the effect on performance, Kaspersky’s unique iSwiftTM technologies intelligently scan only new files and those files that have changed since the previous scan. For increased productivity, the scan speed is also balanced against the user’s activity.
  • 350 MB free disk space.
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Internet connection for application activation and updates.
  • 30 days trial


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