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Last Updated:
23 November, 2013
MAC / Internet Utilities

Allows a Mac to be used as a terminal, allowing you to use various protocols

MacWise is able to emulate Wyse 50, ADDS Viewpoint,Televideo TV 925, Wyse 60, VT220, Wyse 370 (including the Esprit III color), DEC VT100 and Prism terminals, with support for ANSI color.

Through MacWise a Mac can be used as a terminal when it is connected to a host computer directly, over the Internet or by modem.

The included emulators offer support for video attributes like reverse, dim, underline, 132-column modes, an enhanced Viewpoint mode and more.

MacWise’s functions range from on-screen programmable keys to phone list and dialer for modems, connection scripts and more.
Here are some key features of "MacWise":

    Multiple-session support for up to ten windows simultaneously.
    The user can connect to several different hosts, or run multiple sessions simultaneously with one host.
    Transparent windows. Transparency is adjustable by the user.
    On-screen text can be copied into the clipboard as an object or as editable text.
    Clipboard can be pasted back to the host computer.
    Programmable function keys.


    14 days trial period.

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