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22 November, 2013
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A free and open-source satellite tracking application that enables you to effortlessly monitor and view their movement in real time

PreviSat is a well-designed OS X application that provides the necessary tools to track satellite movements, view their trajectory and make predictions of Iridium flares.

PreviSat is based on the SGP4 model that uses the TLE orbital elements to make precise calculations of the geocentric position of artificial satellites.

From PreviSat's intuitive interface you will be able to view various satellites along with their trajectory on a world map or on a sky map view.

In addition, PreviSat helps you calculate the passes of certain satellites for different locations from all over the world.

Another useful feature is the ability to calculate the flares generated by satellites of the Iridium constellation.

What is more, PreviSat comes with a night vision mode, and also allows users to make a list with favorite locations.

PreviSat is a cross-platform application available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
Here are some key features of "PreviSat":

    Real time and manual simulation mode
    Two different maps
    User-friendly interface
    Detailed satellite info
    A comprehensive list of artificial satellites


    64-bit processor

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