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26 November, 2013
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Cross-platform and enthralling flight simulator featuring one of the most physics realistic flight models available today on a personal computer

X-Plane includes jets, single- and multi-engine airplanes, as well as gliders, helicopters, and VTOLs such as the AV8-B Harrier and V-22 Osprey.

The X-Plane simulator also comes with more than 30 different aircraft models designed to span the entire aviation history and industry, as well as a couple of hundred more that are freely downloadable on the Internet.

X-Plane features a breath-taking world wide scenery and it will even allow its users to fly over the deserted planes and mountains of Mars.

When you want to finish the flight, you will be able to land on any one of the built-in 18,000+ airports or test your skills while trying to land on an aircraft carrier, on helipads, on moving frigates and even oil rigs, constantly hit by huge waves.

Moreover, X-Planehas been designed from scratch to provides its users with a 100% accurate flight experience and shines over all other similar software solutions in adaptability, customizability and the massive number of free downloadable aircrafts.

Further details and usage instructions, as well as a complete list of all available aircrafts in the default install, are available on the X-Plane manual online manual page.

Here are some key features of "X-Plane":
  • Navigation skills improvement
  • Real-time weather conditions
  • System failures simulator
  • Instructor controlled environments
  • Aircraft customization
  • 3D cockpits
  • Airliners, helicopters, gliders and more
  • 2 GHz, multi-core CPU (3 GHz, multi-core CPU recommended)
  • 2 GB of RAM (4 GB of RAM recommended)
  • Video card with 512 MB of on-board, dedicated VRAM (video card with 1 GB of on-board recommended)
  • The demo version will stop the joystick after 10 minutes.


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