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25 November, 2013
MAC / Antivirus

A simple and intuitive Mac OS X software solution for scanning and detecting Trojan viruses using a fast Trojan detection engine and several filters

Zebra scanner is a free and easy-to-use Mac OS X application designed to scan folders on your local disk or network for Trojan viruses.

Zebra scanner checks whether your folders contain applications with the .app extension or the fake .appl extension. In addition, it also checks if files are executable (or if they can be activated via double-click).

Trojan viruses can be disguised as movies, files, MP3s, folders and other types of data. Zebra scanner is a tool that protects you from fake apps and files that you would accidentally click and consequently harm your computer.

Furthermore, Zebra scanner includes a very simple and intuitive user interface that lets you select a few options: scan only visible files, scan subfolders and auto-scan. You can also choose a folder from the main window.

A settings panel is also provided and allows you to choose whether an item is an application if the file type is "APPL", if the real extension is "APP", if the item is considered an executable by the OS or if the item is a Unix Executable File.

If a trojan virus is found, the application will display it / them in a separate window. You can view, in this window, the possible trojan viruses, the application or files which were detected, their extension and filetype. If the filetype is suspicious (APPL), it might be a trojan virus that you can move to the trash.


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