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Last Updated:
25 November, 2013
MAC / Antivirus

A powerful, comprehensive antivirus solution for Macintosh systems that helps you project your computer from multiple types of security threats

avast! Free Antivirus includes a powerful web shield that allows you to scan the websites currently open in your browser, the files you downloaded from the web or even JavaScripts. This is all done without slowing your computer's performance.

avast! Free Antivirus also provides a mail shield feature that allows you to easily scan mail content. If a virus or suspicious file is found, the application will automatically ask you what action to perform.

The file system shield allows you to scan open files and running applications in real time, ensuring that you get a virus-free experience while using your Mac. Real-time scanning is very useful if you want to find and stop any virus infections before they spread.

avast! Free Antivirus comes with a WebRep plugin that protects you against phishing scams. It also helps you detect new phishing websites while browsing the Internet.

Aside from that, avast! Free Antivirus also includes self protection, which means that it prevents malware and other types of malicious software from terminating avast! processes.

You can perform multiple actions from the main window of the application, such as starting new scans, viewing reports, configuring the file system, web and mail shield or configuring WebRep.

There are multiple scan types you can choose from. These include a full system scan, local volume scan, network scan, or even create a custom scan that includes certain files and folders.
Here are some key features of "avast! Free Antivirus":

    On-screen alerts
    On-demand scanning
    Web Shield, Mail Shield, File Shield
    Automatic virus definition updates


    128 MB Ram (256 MB pref)
    50 MB free space

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