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Google planing to sell domain namesGoogle planing to sell domain names
Last Updated:
28 June, 2014
News and Updates / Internet
Google already is a major player in search, online mapping, social networking and other key functions of the Web. Now it wants to sell domain names, too.
The Internet giant on Monday announced the launch of an invite-only service, Google Domains, to help small businesses find, register and manage their Web addresses. The service is currently in beta testing with a small number of users.
"Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business -- whether it`s .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains that are being released to the Web," Google said in a blog post about the venture.
With this move, Google will be directly competing with companies they once partnered with. Their most notable partner-turned-rival will be GoDaddy, the world`s largest domain-management company, which has faced financial troubles in recent years.
The new Google service will allow users to purchase new domain names as well as transfer existing ones. It also offers some perks that other companies don`t, such as free private registration, which keeps the site owner`s personal information hidden from the public.
Google isn`t quoting prices and when Domains will be available to the public, although it`s encouraging potential customers to request invite codes to test the service. Google said the beta-testing process will investigate ways to streamline Domains for users, improve customer service and determine which extra services, such as mobile-site design, will be offered.
Google is late to the domain-name market. But as a dominant Internet player, it may be able to leverage this new service in ways smaller rivals cannot.
"The company has a vested interest in getting as many businesses online as possible. It gets them hooked into its many products including Google Apps, Gmail, Google Pages, etc.," wrote Andrew Allemann for Domain Name Wire, an industry blog. Google then could sell them ads, he noted.

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