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Define or create style sheet only for Internet ExplorerDefine or create style sheet only for Internet Explorer
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19 June, 2014
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If you are a web designer you might have awful experience while dealing with the IE bugs. Most of time you can't escape form it may be because of the project requirement or your client still using older version of Internet Explorer. So let's deal with it.
Every version of Internet Explorer behaves somewhat differently than others. So what we do here is define separate style sheets for different versions of IE browsers to pin point the exact problem in a specific version.
Let's say the CSS property you have defined for some element doesn't work as expected in IE, but it works perfectly in other browsers like Firefox or Chrome. So basically what we do is define a style sheet that only target the IE browser and then we either adjust the value of that property or add some new property to this style sheet to fix this issue.
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