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Jquery Color Changing Text ScriptJquery Color Changing Text Script
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25 June, 2014
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Use this simple jquery copy paste script to change text colors in your webpage on mouse hover.
a) Script is based on the Jquery Event change() method.
b) Showcase multiple colors smoothly on a text when mouse hover is made.
c) Use jquery to hover a text with animation.
d) Copy paste code for color changing text.
e) Color animation that works on almost all modern browsers.
a) Copy paste the Jquery color changing script in your webpage.
b) Download jquery.js file and place the file in your folder.
c) Now run the file in your browser to view the functionality of the script.
d) You can change the sentences for which you want to animate the changing effects.
<p align="center">Every one can find fault, few can do better</p> // Change the sentences here.
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