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Most Used Browser Detection ScriptMost Used Browser Detection Script
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25 June, 2014
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Most used browser detection and statistics will give a clean picture of the internets most used web browsers and all other competitors. Also this will help you to identify them. You can also find the increase in percentage of usage. This detection script is developed using php.
a)Clear statistics in percentage basis.
b)Shows the stats of internet explorer, mozilla, lynx, opera, webtv, Konqueror and others.
c)The HBS(statistics) will restart its count by itself on 1st of every month.
d)Automatic browser detection and update of stats.
e)Simple To Use. Just Download and Use IT
a)Unzip HBS_1_0.zip. you will get HBS/browser.txt, HBS/date.txt, HBS/hioxstats.php and HBS/README.txt 
b)Set read, write permissions to the files browser.txt and date.txt 
c)In your php file where you want to display the most used browser statistics and detection, add the following code
include "./HBS/hioxstats.php";
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