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Last Updated:
01 April, 2015
Windows / Network Tools / Remote Desktop

All-in-one management platform for IT teams

Remote Desktop Manager
 lets you centralize all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform that people love to work with.

Drive security, speed and productivity through your organization while reducing risks for your IT department.

Note : Require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (NET 4.0 does not contains the .NET Framework 3.5. You will need to install it separately.)

New Features
  • Added Apple Remote Desktop connection type
  • Added Devolutions Online Drive data source
  • Added the url handler for edit and view (rdm://edit or rdm://view)
  • Integrated Intel PasswordBox
  • Added a batch action to convert from native SSH to Putty
  • Added a Copy to button in the play list manager to copy into the shared or private vault
  • Added a data source setting to disable the local favourites
  • Added a disable custom image in the Xml
  • Added a domain override option to apply a diferent domain while connecting
  • Added a download progress in embedded Chrome
  • Added a progress bar in the refactoring
  • Added a prompt for VM name in the VMware Remote Console
  • Added a refresh button in the attachment list
  • Added an horizontal scrollbar to the tree list
  • Added an Online Backup wizard to restore a session
  • Added an option to hide the lock menu from File
  • Added an option to hide the tab page image
  • Added an option to use the web page title as tab text (Chrome and IE only)
  • Added ARD multi screen support
  • Added Intel AMT error messages when fails on connect
  • Added more setting for the auto update detection
  • Added open in new popup for embedded Chrome
  • Added some debug for Active Directory console
  • Added some missing exlude type like Sync, VPN, Macro Script and Data Entry
  • Added support for Status edit in offline mode
  • Added tags column for Amazon EC2 console
  • Added the attachment to the credentials
  • Added the automatic web.config encryption for Devolutions Server
  • Added the IP column in the Hyper-V console
  • Added the log filtering by comment
  • Added the password support in Tight VNC (external mode)
  • Added Yosemite support in the ARD connection
  • Improved the auto hide panel speed
  • Improved the batch edit to warn and skip the unsupported types
  • Improved the DeskRoll integration
  • Improved the Intel AMT to make the application more responsive
  • Improved the network scan with a ping detection
  • Improved the Putty import
  • Improved the Putty send keys
  • Improved the Yubikey integration
  • Renamed the Remote Desktop Manager Server console for Devolutions Server Console
  • Updated the Rebex components to fix some potential security issues
  • Fixed a bug with RDMS locked in offline mode
  • Fixed a few Intel AMT bugs (credential links and port)
  • Fixed a missing default sort in the global log
  • Fixed a possible duplicate issue with the AD synchronizer
  • Fixed a possible focus issue on the application activation
  • Fixed a possible internal security issue
  • Fixed a possible issue with File Explorer and the credentials
  • Fixed a possible issue with RDM 64 bit and the loading of the configuration
  • Fixed a possible issue with some ghost session after a close
  • Fixed a possible issue with the command line
  • Fixed a possible issue with the latest WinSCP version
  • Fixed a possible issue with the My Personal Credential save location
  • Fixed a possible issue with the SSH host availability
  • Fixed a possible todo refresh issue
  • Fixed a refresh issue with the delete in FTP and SFTP
  • Fixed a selection issue with clear filter on open connection
  • Fixed an issue where the wait progress was not displayed on the same monitor than the main screen
  • Fixed an issue with Spiceworks and https
  • Fixed an issue with the Hyper-V console and the context menu
  • Fixed an issue with the opened session and the playlist
  • Fixed an issue with the ScreenConnect fetch of "My sessions" and "My meeetings"
  • Fixed an issue with the session recording (Telnet)
  • Fixed an issue with the shortcut and the security group list
  • Fixed an issue with the SQL Server data source and the ping to detect the offline mode
  • Fixed multiple small issues with the play lists
  • Fixed the missing parameter column in the tree view
  • Minor UI fixes


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