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09 December, 2013
Windows / Office Tools / PDF

PDFCreator lets you easily create PDF documents from Windows applications - for free!

PDFCreator works as a virtual printer that, instead of sending your documents to a physical device that prints them onto paper, sends them to a virtual driver that converts them to PDF. You can then do most things you normally would with a PDF - print it, email it or more!

This means that PDFCreator lets you not only create PDF documents from scratch, but also convert any existing file to PDF. Plus you obtain perfect, professional-looking documents, without any watermarks or embedded ads.

PDFCreator features some configuration settings, but you don't really need to tweak them in order to get it running. Simply open the file you want to convert, select the Print option and you're done!

PDFCreator helps you create PDF documents from any Windows application in a very easy way.

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