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Last Updated:
09 December, 2013
Windows / Office Tools / PDF

  •  Improved input handle detection to reduce false hits
  •  Improved keyword detection logic to eliminate false hits when input filenames happen to include pdftk keywords even, odd and end
  • Added option of prompting the user for the output when bursting a PDF. Also reviewed other filename prompting code
  • Changed the PDF parser to accept name tokens longer than 127 characters
  • Fixed a problem with filling form choice fields in some PDFs where the old form value was sticking
  • Changed pdftk behavior when handling subset fonts so it doesn’t alter font name "tags." This was causing printing problems with Acrobat 3.01 on Windows
  • Fixed a stream parsing bug that was causing page content to disappear after merge of PDFs generated by Microsoft Reporting Services PDF Rendering Extension
  • Added multistamp and multibackground features provided by a Debian patch
  • Clear the signal mask as workaround to environments that turn off signals before calling pdftk. This problem is known to cause pdftk to hang in some Python web setups as well as in PHP
  • Set locale to C as workaround to an unusual exception
  • Improved reporting of output errors via Debian patch
  • Added support for UTF-8 data in update_info via Debian patch
  • Added support for UTF-8 filenames via Debian patch
  • Updated build procedure to work better with newer versions of GCC

Added license information to the source tree for the third-party libraries that pdftk uses


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